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South Florida Theatre
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September 2010
The Board decides that the new name of SouthFloridaTheatre.com is not working, and rebrands as the South Florida Theatre League.

October 2009
The 2009 South Florida Theatre Festival is launched with the 24 Hour Theatre Project, includes Free Night of Theater, and ends with the Silver Palm Awards. The new website design is also launched at the start of the Festival.

June 2009
Board Member Antonio Amadeo proposes a completely new website design, and the board chooses to file for a name change (DBA) from The Theatre League of South Florida to SouthFloridaTheatre.com.

April 2009
The League hosts the first Carbonell Awards After Party.

October 2008
The Theatre League of South Florida partners with The Theatre Communications Group to present Free Night of Theater for the first time.

March 2008
The two websites are combined into www.southfloridatheatre.com.

February 2008
The Theatre League of South Florida offers discount health insurance for its members.

June 2007
Andie Arthur replaces Erinn Dearth as executive director of The Theatre League of South Florida.

June 2006
A new mission statement is adopted.

June 2006
The Theatre League of South Florida holds a two-day retreat with producers and board members to discuss plans for the future.

April 2005
The Theatre League of South Florida hosts the first annual South Florida Theatre Festival in Miami Dade and Broward counties.

September 2004
Ticket Madness program phased out in favor of 1/2 price tickets at www.CulturalConnection.org.

September 2004
www.SouthFloridaTheatre.com goes live. Created by the Producer's Forum to promote our member theatres on the world wide web

May 2004
Board hires Wicked Penguin to design the new website www.SouthFloridaTheatre.com and revamp the current website
New Mission Statement was accepted (see By-Laws)

March 2004
Producer's Forum contracts with WLRN to run television ads promoting the new website www.SouthFloridaTheatre.com

February 2004
TLSF designs and erects a booth at the Coconut Grove Art Festival. Plans to attend other festivals are in the works

November 2003
All-day Retreat to discuss future plans for TLSF at WLRN radio studio

October 2003
MasterClass - format of the classes change. Five classes slated this season. The additional funds will be used to bring in professionals from outside Dade County

May 2003
Publication of Dramalogue is suspended due to expense and duplication of news in the Friday Update

December 2002
MasterClass Series,for members only, continues, funded by the Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs

October 2002
TLSF adds postage size photos of members on website

August 2002
Two general meetings per year was inaugurated in August 2002

June 2002
New Audience Development Program instigated to serve theatre companies, to be called The Producer's Forum

May 2002
Wilks Award established as yearly $500 award to a woman over 40, or a theater, who has made outstanding contribution to South Florida theatre
Creative Alliance is put on hiatus
Board passed a motion to set aside $5,000 to defray cost of setting up Producer's Forum, to promote audience development

February 2002
Second Annual Unified Auditions March 2002
Ticket Madness Coordinator hired to call theatres for Ticket Madness

January 2002
Miami/Dade Grant increased to $29,500

October 2001
Additional $5,000 added to TLSF grant from Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs. Now $25,000 Brochures printed, including a membership application

August 2001
Downstage Miami and Master Classes begin - run by Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs and administered by Theatre League

June 2001
Full-length Play contest begun for playwrights who are members of TLSF The Dramalogue, a quarterly Newsletter, started and mailed to all members

September 2001
Theatre League in collaboration with Actor's Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre holds full-length play competition

March 2001
Theatre League holds first Annual Southeast Unified Auditions. 25 theatres attend full day audition. Plans are to make this an annual event
Theatre League receives Grant from MDCDCA for Winter Stages for All Ages - January 16 thru March 18, 2001 in the amount of $5,182. Membership at 450+

October 2000
Theatre League receives additional Targeted Grant of $5,000 (making a total of $20,000 per year for administrative and programmatic expenses) from Miami-Dade County Department Cultural Affairs

November 1999
Theatre League receives additional Targeted Grant of $5,000 from MDCDCA. Membership at 350+

October 1999
Winter Stages of the Sun ran for second year from January 17th - February 13, 2000 with presentation of "Passport." Grant secured from Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affair for $4,575.00 for this program.

November 1998
League receives $10,000 from MDCAC, membership at 300+
Ticket Madness Begins

October 1998
Winter Stages of the Sun inagurated for one month in winter Jan. 11 - Feb. 15 - theatres offering two for one tickets upon presentation of a "Passport" at each Box Office.

September 1998
An Executive Director is hired by Theatre League

June 1998
PAFF merges with League, Hotline initiated, League presents 13 episodes of ½-hour television on WLRN.

January 1998
League members (playwrights, actors, directors) participate in Key West Theatre Festival

December 1997
League co-sponsors South East Theatre Conference national convention

September 1997
City Theatre's Summer Shorts first presented, developed by League members

March 1997
Theatre Facts Book for all South Florida Theatres published

June 1996
League co-sponsors National Theatre Critics convention

May 1996
Mama's Last Waltz produced at Coconut Grove Playhouse, an Alliance-developed script

February 1996
League becomes co-sponsor of annual Carbonell Awards

October 1995
First Board retreat to develop 5-year plan, work begins on radio plays for NPR/WLRN

July 1995
First publication of the Talent Directory, The Pool

March 1995
Playwrights Alliance formed, new plays developed

September 1994
First Remy Awards presented to members and theatre pioneers of South Florida

June 1994
Board of Directors develops meeting schedule, first State of the Theatre Annual Roundtable

January 1994
Stages of the Sun Map published

December 1993

September 1993
First newsletter

October 1992
First Stages of the Sun Festival and brochure/American Express sponsorship

June 1992
Developed leadership, discussed do-able projects

March 1992
(Monthly meetings ensued) Membership begins at 15

February 1992
First meeting of theatre delegates, Dade County Auditorium

November 1991
First discussions of theatre coalition, Mayfair Ballroom

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